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We are a Brazilian enterprise and our main objective is to offer local, interstate and international transport services for terrestrial cargos.

Human Team
  • The company direction is in hands of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the subject.

  • The leaders and collaborators of the different strategic areas are periodically selected and trained, in order to assist fast and efficiently our clients’ constantly changeable needs.


  • Modern load vehicles, of different capacities, to fulfill the majority of services required by the international market.

  • Operational support vehicles in every branch.

  • Load manipulation machinery, prepared for different sizes and weights.

  • Strategically positioned storehouses in Sao Paulo (SP), Uruguaina (RS), Foz Do Iguacu (PR) and Rosario (Argentina).
Satellite Tracking

Our unities are equipped with sophisticated data communication systems, on-board computers, sensors that monitor open/closed doors, hook/unhook, as well as sirens and panic button, among others. This allows us to continuously track our fleet, leading to important benefits:

  • LOGISTIC: Real-time information on positioning; management of our drivers and vehicles performance; immediate message interchange between the vehicles and the operational bases; field activities automation, speed and stop control, issuance of management reports, etc.

  • SECURITY: Practical solutions in risk administration, with immediate processing of events such as route deviation, location on risk areas, inappropriate stops/movements, panic button pressing and signal loss, allowing assisted actions in order to assure the security of the vehicle and the load.
Risk Management

To assure the safety of our clients’ cargos, we hired the services of the company BUONNY, regarding the following items:

  • Monitoring central:
    We monitor the truck trip 24 hours a day, from the beginning to the delivery of the load in the agreed destiny, even out of the Brazilian borders.
  • Armed custody:
    According to our clients’ requests, satellite-monitored vehicles and armed staff under government regulations will be available, in order to assure the integrity of the cargos and to provide additional information through the entire trip.

  • Consultation to transport professionals:
    When is necessary to subcontract a third party, we survey the owner of the vehicle in regard to the driver, the truck and the semi-trailer. This policy allows us to make a right decision in less than 40-minutes time.

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